Fascination for nature, travel and sport

Stefan Decker
Stefan Decker Founder
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Stefan Decker (owner) has been an outdoor fan since childhood. Whether mountain biking, in the high mountains, in a kayak, on the beach or in the desert. He has travelled all continents and climatic zones and is experienced with the preparations for travelling, being on the road and the wishes of every outdoor enthusiast.

Since 2017, his team of four outdoor, automotive and craft specialists has been producing one of the most advanced living cabin systems on the market.

Being in the great outdoors and fully experiencing the beauty our planet has to offer. Our vision is of an untouched, vibrant nature that we can feel and that gives us strength. We believe, that you can only value something if you experience its true worth first hand. It does not matter whether you are in a local mountain range or the Gobi desert. We want to support our custumors through this experience and help pave the way.

With Fiftyten you are ready for your next trip straight away. You have everything you need, stored safely and within reach. Now all you have to do is find a good spot to stop, build your camp, cook something deliciousand and enjoy the nightsky. Later just climb into your rooftop tent and enjoy a good night´s sleep in the fresh air.