Tray (grey)

Basic data of the trays:
Compatibility: Adaptable to all pickups
(Originally: Toyota GRJ79 DC)
Production date: 01. Aug. 2017
Delivery: By Pickup
Size (length x width): 1620 x 1820 cm
Colour: 50Ten Grey
Price: 4500,- € incl. tax
(plus mounting)

Tray with Boxes for Amarok Pickups

The tray, is equipped with a rear drawer and 2 side dust protected boxes. Here tools and other things can be stowed away safely.

You can find more information about the tray or loading area and box here: Pickup Tray

The tray can be extended by these elements:

  • Watertank/ airpressure tank/…
  • sidewalls

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