Box – Details

The BOX is the core of the Fiftyten System. It is designed with focus on functionality and looks… the angle of the sidewalls, the overhang at the back, … creates additional room and a dynamic appearance.  Your joy will start, when looking at your setup and will go on during its use.

Do you know this situation: while travelling you need a certain piece of equipment and you know, where it is… right in the last corner. This means unloading everything, to dig out the one piece. Or the situation, when you have your hands full and you approach your vehicle, and need to put everything down to open it?

Big, wide hatches optimised for easy access and the simple one-hand operation are a major part of the Fiftyten-Concept.

What´s important to us is, that the BOX is a excellent base for further usage. No operation is the same, no life is the same … the BOX is an ideal base to realize your individual needs for your personal mission. With T-slots all around you have lots of possibilities. The big doors allow for easy and fast access to the inside.


  • big doors with 1050mm x 730mm opening
  • back hatch 680mm x 730mm opening
  • 8,5running meter of T-Slot rails
  • Aluminium on frame-construction
  • easy to jack-off in a few minutes 
  • During times, when the BOX is not needed, you have a lightweight vehicle that has no disadvantages in your daily use. (Parking deck, garage,..)
  • Roof with airlinerails for further loading or roof-rack
  • 12V power supply  from starterbattery

  • Optional

    220V power entry

  • Watertank and waterpump inside
  • Boardbattery and controlling unit
  • Power inverter 12V-220V
  • individual interior design (furniture,..) with our partner